The Joker Dandy, iPad Magician

If you want to discover another kind of magic, using new technologies, The Joker Dandy proposes his great close-up magic show for your event. Right before your eyes, during a cocktail, a dinner…


What is iPad Magic ?

It’s just in front of your eyes, goodies can come out from the iPad, your logo transformed in augmented reality,… Magic is mixed with technologies that you are using every day !


Don’t forget « Classics » !

Even if The Joker Dandy likes to propose his new iPad magic to your guests, he also pratices the magic you all know with cards, coins, rings… and all the skills needed to amaze the audience !

Mind Reading in a Modern Way !

It’s not just about iPad magic, it’s about using different kinds of technologies to impress your guests. Predict the song you are about to think on Youtube, the town you are thinking of on Google Maps, the word you are thinking of on Wikipédia… the Joker Dandy reads your minds in a new way.

I can customize my magic to fit to your brand. Just ask me for more details.

And of course… English Spoken, even if i have a french accent 😉

06 83 90 58 64

Andy Verhaeghe


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